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One-stop Shop for Vacuum Services in Grande Prairie

When you have a variety of vacuum cleaners available on the market, choosing the one that’s right for you can be challenging. The key is to know what surfaces you’ll be cleaning and the layout of your home. The models that are lighter to carry are ideal for bare floors whereas upright vacuums are recommended for large, open areas and carpeted floors. No matter what your cleaning requirements are, we have just the right machine for you. From servicing and maintenance to repairs and selling spare parts, we do it all. Visit us for all your vacuum services in Grande Prairie.

We repair all vacuums bought from us or any other big-box store company such as the Canadian Tire or London Drugs® . Call us to learn more.

Cleaning Services

Quality Vacuum Company sells cleaning materials and applications for a variety of floor surfaces. The materials we sell include cleaning solutions, applicators, dusting mops etc. for hardwood, stone, tile, and laminate flooring. Quality Vacuum Company also provides the following products and services:




Used vacuums


Repair Services


Overhaul motor

Heads and powerheads

We fix it all!


Get in touch with our vacuum experts today!

Top-of-the-line Vacuum Sales and Services

We work towards keeping your vacuums running properly so that you can enjoy a clean home.

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