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Your Go-to Shop for Cyclo Vac in Grande Prairie

If you’re looking a long-lasting vacuum cleaner, then you may go with the Canadian-made Cyclo Vac. Quality Vacuum Company is the shop in Grande Prairie to buy Cyclo Vac vacuums as we offer a 25-year warranty on the product. Cyclo Vac has over five decades of experience in catering to your vacuum cleaning needs. Being one of the largest vacuum manufacturers in Canada, the company strives to manufacture durable products that offer exceptional performance. You’ll get quality customer service, and the products come with retractable hoses, automatic dustpans, state-of-the-art DataSync technology, and auxiliary hoses. You can learn more about the products by clicking here .


With Cyclo Vac, it’s…

The experience

Of over 50 years, from the largest central vacuum manufacturer in Canada.

The proximity
Of a Cyclo Vac Expert who will be able to cater to all your needs and provide the assistance you deserve and expect, wherever you are.

The high performance and reliability
Of central vacuums that are entirely made in North America and renowned worldwide for their durability, and exceptional performance.

The ease and speed
Of use of a hose that follows you everywhere and unique and handy attachments that will simplify your everyday life.

Top-of-the-line Vacuum Sales and Services

We work towards keeping your vacuums running properly so that you can enjoy a clean home.

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