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About Quality Vacuum Company

Mission: To continue to give quality service, listen to customers and give honest information.

Quality Vacuum Company has been serving the Grande Prairie community with prompt and professional vacuum services since 1989. Even when the economy went into recession in 2008, that hit the businesses hard, but we managed to survive due to our tireless dedication. As the third owners of the company and being one of the very few dealers left in town who offer vacuum repairs, we believe that our responsibilities have increased. We are grateful for the love you’ve bestowed upon us, and we strive to serve you better with every passing day.

We don’t believe in rushing you to buy a new vacuum cleaner when your old one can be repaired. After a complete analysis of your vacuum, we’ll provide you with details regarding what steps need to be taken to fix it. Whether you decide to go for a brand new cleaner or refurbished one, we can help you get the one that meets your cleaning needs.

Contact our family-owned and -operated company today .

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